Upcoming Sweater Day and Winter Walk

The Count down to Rosedale Sweater Day and Winter Walk begins…..

As part of a school wide Eco Team initiative, Rosedale will take part in the World Wildlife Federation Sweater Day on Thursday, February 7, 2019.  We will be joining millions of other Canadians that day by lowering our heat and wearing a warm sweater to school to build awareness of climate change.  Please note, that the school heating will be lowered by 2°C, and students are advised to bring an extra sweater or warm layer to school that day.

BUT WAIT…there’s more! This year, the Eco Team is combining Sweater Day with our school wide Winter Walk in the community.

According to WWF:

Left unchecked, climate change could push one in six species to extinction. Because fossil fuels are the single biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, WWF-Canada is committed to seeing Canada use 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050. “

For more information, visit the WWF National Sweater Day webpage at http://www.wwf.ca/events/sweater_day/ .

For more information, visit the Winter Walk Day webpage at http://ontarioactiveschooltravel.ca/winter-walk-day/#

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