Help Wanted – Green Thumbs needed at Rosedale!

Last year, the Rosedale Heights Eco Team received approval from the board to create a School Vegetable Garden beside our JK/SK enclosures. Thanks to the funding and support from our administration and Parent Council, we have contracted the landscape company, Laven Associates, to begin building our raised gardens. Construction is beginning on Wednesday, May 17th.


This garden will require our community’s support in order to flourish.  The Upper Canada Child Care is going to play an integral role in helping maintain our garden during the summer months. However, we would also like to invite our students and their families to help with our garden.  


This is a relevant and real world opportunity for our children to learn about the science of plant growth, how food reaches our tables, and the importance of the environment to meet our daily needs. So, whether you have a lot or a little time, the Eco Team needs you! Please contact the school if you are able to volunteer your time (  


Additionally, the following donations would be greatly appreciated:

  • Canadian Tire money (to be used to buy supplies)
  • Gardening equipment
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