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  1. Xplain It!

When we say culture, we mean the shared attitudes, values, goals and practices (or way of life) that characterize a community. Your school or class has a culture, whether you proactively design it or not. Sp how do you create it?


Culture is created over time by the behaviours that are accepted and rewarded within your community.



If someone is consistently late, and this behaviour is not challenged and a solution not created, others may see this as being “ok” behaviour and therefore also start being late. You create a culture that accepts lateness.

Likewise, if someone goes out of their way to do something AMAZING for your school community, but this is not celebrated and rewarded – others may deem this type of behaviour as not valued in your community. You create a culture that does not promote that AMAZING behaviour.

  1. Resources & Academic Perspective

Studies are finding that the culture of a school can have a marked impact on student performance. There are countless resources available to support you building a positive school culture. Here are some of our favorites:


Bonus Fun:

Q: What time should you go to the dentist?
A: Tooth hurty

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