This Week’s Lesson In Well-Being…

This week we are exploring:


Community and Connection   


  1. Xplain It!

Let’s cut straight to it this week. Watch this 3 min video (with your class) on “What is a Community?”  for a simple explanation of community (p.s. You can watch the video without making an account).


  1. Resources & Academic Perspective

The word “community” derives from the old French ‘comuneté’, which comes from the Latin ‘communitas’, “community”, “public spirit” (from Latin ‘communis’, “shared in common”). Human communities may share intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, and risks in common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness.


We believe that a strong community starts with CONNECTION. Connection to self, others and the world around us.


  1. X Tips

Here are some X Movement quick tips on building community in your school or classroom:


  1. Alignment: Mission, Values and Behaviour Success happens when results meet expectation. Clearly communicating your school (or class) mission, values and accepted behaviours will build overall community and connectedness. Make sure you revisit weekly, otherwise it simply will not stick.
  2. Communication: Questions and feedback Structure will set you FREE. Set up simple structures such as a feedback mailbox in the gym, or time for feedback from students or staff during meetings – to encourage open and honest communication about what’s working, what’s not working and what can be done better. When voices are heard – your community will come together like never before.
  1. Rewards and recognition You as a leader are creating a culture through the behaviour you reward. When you see positive behaviour: reward it (publicly if possible) as this will encourage more of it. When you see negative behaviour: challenge it – if you let it slide, you are saying that it is acceptable.


(we will dive deeper into the above in the coming weeks)



Bonus Fun:

Q: What do you call a story about a broken pencil?
A: Pointless  🙂


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