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Skate Night


We are excited to announce that we are having our first fundraiser of the year! Get your skates sharpened, grab your coats, hats and mitts…we are having a skate night!

When:  Thursday November 10th, 2016

Time: 4-6pm

Where: Rosemount Community Centre

All pre-orders can be done through school cash online. Orders are either individual (for families of 4 or less) or thru a family pack (for families of 4 or more.)  Pizza and drinks are available to add-on to your entry purchases.  Use the following link to access your account:

Entry and refreshments will also be available for purchase at the event.

Look forward to seeing you there!!

Hip Hop Workshop

As part of the dance curriculum students in grades 3-8 will be participating in a mandatory hip hop workshop.  Please pay the $10.50 fee through school cash online to ensure your student is able to participate in this obligatory strand in the curriculum.

Thank you.



Monday October 31st is Halloween.  While we recognize not all of our students celebrate this day we would like to provide an opportunity for students who would like to dress-up to do so.

(1) Students may bring costumes in their bags to change into after lunch.  No costumes will be permitted in the morning.

(2) Absolutely no masks, weapon replicas or “scary” face painting.

(3) We ask that no food/candy is brought to school for distribution.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping our school safe.

SPC cards

If you still would like to purchase a SPC card the deadline is next week!

  1.   Go to
  2.  Click on “Get The Card”
  3.  Make sure to enter our school’s unique discount code: 36770
  4.  Use your card at ALDO, American Eagle Outfitters, Forever 21, Old Navy, McDonald’s, Urban Outfitters, Pizza Pizza, Bath & Body Works, Menchie’s and the list goes on and on.

A portion of all cards sold go directly back to the school to support fundraising initiatives.


Immunizations (grade 7&8)

On Thursday October 27th, students in grade 7 along with girls in grade 8 will be receiving immunizations care of public health.  Grade 7s will be receiving the 1st dose of Hepatitis B and grade 8 girls will be receiving the 1st dose of HPV.

Vaccination consent forms were mailed directly to your home address from York Region Public Health.  Please ensure that you complete these forms and bring them with your child on Thursday to give them to the public health nurses.

If you did not receive the forms please visit and print the necessary forms under “School Immunization Clinics.”

Without these consent forms students will not be permitted to receive their vaccination.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Mr. Birenbaum

Mr Birenbaum will be off for the next few weeks due to an injury.  In his absence we welcome Mr Gord Wagner, a recently retired principal from Maple Leaf P.S. in Newmarket.

Our Vice-Principal, Mrs. Rye-Brown will continue to support our school with her expertise.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we navigate this transition.

Rosedale Pride

Congratulations Rosedale!  Thanks to the tremendous support of our students and families we surpassed our Terry Fox Fundraising Goal – raising a whopping $4173.21!!!

We should all be very proud.

A reminder about morning drop-off…

Parents/guardians who drive their children to school, …

We need your help to follow the expectations below so that drop off and pick up routines remain safe for our students.

The Kiss’n’Ride in the morning :

  1. Carefully stop at the crosswalk, giving students the right of way.
  2. Quickly drop off your child/ren in the Kiss’n’Ride area behind the cross-walk—ensuring your child is ready to leave the car with his/her backpack and lunch in hand.
  3. Be considerate and careful of drivers and pedestrians around you.
  4. Be respectful to the directives of staff, wearing reflective vests, standing on curbs directing the flow of traffic.

At the end of the day:

  1. Mind the pylons and do not enter the staff parking lot or daycare parking spots between 2:50 p.m.—3:05 p.m.
  2. Do not block cars that are trying to leave from the parking lot.
  3. Yield right of way to cars using the Kiss’n’Ride if you are merging with this traffic.
  4. Be considerate and careful of drivers and pedestrians around you.
  5. Be respectful to the directives of staff, wearing reflective vests, standing on curbs directing the flow of traffic.



Using Debit for School Cash Online

Please see attached for some important information regarding payment using debit for school cash online.

Thank you.



Spirit Wear!

We are pleased to be offering spirit wear for the first time this school year.  Show your school pride while wearing some comfy clothes (t-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and shorts!)

All clothing is available for purchase through School Cash Online and comes in a wide variety of sizes and colours.  All clothing features our school logo.

Clothing will be available for purchase from October 14th until November 4th.

We are the Rosedale Rockets and the sky is the limit!